With a little boy, that has a whole new meaning when changing diapers.  We are now VERY aware of whether or not Carter has relieved his bladder prior to changing him because both of us have been nailed several times :-)  But this morning was a WHOLE new experience.

      About 6am, Carter was fed, but fussy and Jeremy took him so that I could get one last hour of uninterrupted sleep before our day started.  I was vaguely conscious of some laughter coming from the nursery, but figured the boys were having a good time and I tried to go back to sleep.  Around 7am, Jeremy comes into the bedroom to hand Carter off and begins telling me how they spent their morning. 

      Carter’s fussiness was well founded – his little tummy was giving him trouble and he was having some issues working things out of his system.  He finally was able to have a bowel movement (which tend to sound like mini-explosions), so Jeremy went to change him.  I guess after he removed his diaper, Carter decided that he wasn’t quite done and proceeded to poop and Jeremy was able to catch it with the clean diaper he had queued up. 

      Thinking that was it, he grabbed another diaper when the mini explosion occurred and the projectile hit two walls!!  (As well as the new clean diaper, and our favorite swaddle blanket which needed to be thrown out after that).  Jeremy got him cleaned up, the room cleaned up, and then poor Carter had yet another explosion (thankfully in the diaper).  Needless to say, we are finding no end of amusement in the whole thing :-)


      Hey you! Looks like things are well and going as predicted! I’m really happy for you guys, it’s an awesome up and down ride! Look forward to seeing you for a visit sometime soon!Rob

      That’s FOUR check marks and a star! Nice work Carter! lolol


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