Last Friday: House finally lists. Originally were going to have an open house Saturday, but it wasn’t showing on the website by Friday night, so we pushed it to Sunday.

      Saturday Day: We clean and vacate the house for the whole day, anticipating that people will be there. No one shows. FINALLY got a phone call for a showing just prior to our open house on Sunday.

      Saturday Night: Jeremy does another check on newly listed houses in the area that we are looking. Found one that looks promising and we decide to ask our agent to show it to us the next day. Plan to go to a bunch of open houses while ours is open on Sunday.

      Sunday Early Morning: An open house popped up for the one that we wanted to see, so we let Jill know that she didn’t need to worry about getting us in anymore. Then we start obsessing over the photos of it. Head over to Grandma and Grandpa’s so that we are out of our house early and Carter can’t destroy it.

      Sunday Mid Morning: After obsessing more over the photos, we decide to call Jill back and ask her to meet us at that house. It seemed like it was priced to sell and if the photos did it justice, we didn’t want to miss out on it.

      Sunday 1pm: We are the first to arrive, do a quick walk through of the house, look at Jill and say, “Make an offer.” The house is perfect for us. PERFECT.

      Sunday 3pm: Check in with Jill on how the open house is going – had 10 people in the first hour and someone saying that they love it and want to make an offer, but the husband needed to see it first.

      Sunday 4pm: Jill calls the listing agent of the house we want to see how the open house went. Agent said that there was a lot of traffic, but no one seemed really interested in making an offer. They had received an offer the night before, but it was a complete low-ball one that seemed offensive so they immediately declined (was as high as the people could go). So Jill told her about ours and sent our offer off to her.

      Sunday 5:30pm: Meet up with Jill – we had a steady stream of traffic coming through our current home and another couple who wanted to make an offer our house! Not to mention that Jill hadn’t spoke to the agent that showed it this morning.

      Sunday 7pm: We get an offer from one interested party – it is below asking and also contained a good chunk of money towards closing costs. We decide to sit on it to see if anything else came through.

      Sunday 8:30pm: We get a verbal acceptance of our offer on the new house with minor adjustments! Signed paperwork would be coming the next morning and closing date is May 19th.

      Sunday Late: Jill couldn’t figure out why our new house didn’t show on her realtor reports. Figured out that the listing agent inadvertently listed the house in Snohomish County. Meaning that anyone serious in buying who was using an agent had NO IDEA the house came on the market. Only obsessive-compulsive people like us that search public realtor websites three times a day knew! We completely lucked out, as I could easily have seen this house go into a bidding war.

      Monday Morning: Jill spoke to the agent that did a walk through prior to the open house. They are planning on having an offer to us by Monday afternoon. We got acceptance and set up inspection on our new house for Wednesday.

      Monday Afternoon: Get the new offer in and it looks much better – full asking price and some money towards closing. Jill lets the first agent know that we got a better offer to give them an opportunity to adjust if they want to.

      Monday Night: Get the adjusted offer and it still wasn’t as good as the second (plus the people were sounding really high maintenance and unrealistic). We decide to accept the second offer Tuesday morning, which would put closing on our current home on May 26th (giving us a week to move stuff). Inspection is set for Friday.

      Wednesday: I am stressing out that upon second viewing, the new house won’t be as fantastic as we originally thought (one house we looked at was like that for me). Thankfully I am beyond pleasantly surprised – we found out some WAY cooler things about it that we didn’t know! Nothing major came up in inspection, and there are just a handful of things that we are asking for.

      Thursday: We prep our house for inspection as best we can. We decide how we want to respond to our new home inspection.

      Today: Jill sends off our requests from our new home inspection. I am cleaning up like crazy so that the house continues to look well maintained and we are clearing out of here in the next few hours. Fingers crossed…

      And that is why I have been radio silent on the blog this week and haven’t done a good job posting photos or anything.

      AND HOLY COW THAT WAS FAST!! I can’t believe that we basically bought and sold house in two days (if everything goes through)! Things seemed to just align perfectly for us, but we still aren’t in the clear yet. We have to get through our current home inspection and requests, the appraisal for both houses, and financing for both houses.

      I am still a nervous nelly since nothing is completely set in stone yet (which is why I won’t share photos or anything), so please keep your fingers crossed for us!!