So after cruising around on the MyPublisher site, I realized I could share a link of the photobook that I created!  The final printed copy turned out very well.  There were a few issues with some slight over-saturation with the Christmas photos (or anything that had a true red in it) and maybe 1-2 more with some other "problems,” but as you can see by the sheer volume of photos that I did, a handful of ones that aren’t perfect is pretty darn good!  I tried to take a photo of the final book last night, but the lighting sucked and I was in a hurry before my soccer game, so I will re-do it to post later.

      In other notable news, Carter’s new favorite word is “WOOOOOOOW” where it really sounds like “w-aaaooooww” all drawn out – it is funny because he usually says it in the right context!  He is also really starting to say “Dada” and “Daddy” a lot (especially when Jeremy first walks in the room).  I am getting some “Mamama” too, just not as frequently.  Oh, and for some reason he absolutely loves ladybugs (that one is going to be fun to tease him about when he is a teenager!!").



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