That is what Jeremy said to our neighbor on Saturday.  It wasn’t a statement of excitement, rather one of deep dread.  May is the time of year that I take on really large yard projects before I start planting.  May is the time of year Jeremy hates because it means manual labor that he will do anything he can think of to get out of.  This May is all about “Project Backyard Makeover” and in one weekend, I accomplished a HUGE task.  I wanted to build a small retaining wall around our backyard so that I could put in top soil so my plants would go out of control in the backyard as well as the front.

      So here are the before, during, and after photos of this journey that started friday afternoon and went until about 1pm on Sunday.  Saturday was by far the longest day with a 7:30am start time and a 6:30pm knock off time.  I slept so well because I was EXHAUSTED.  Last night I woke up because my arms felt like they were going to spontaneously combust – they hurt SO BAD.  I understand tired and soreness after running a half marathon, but this kind of soreness put that to shame.

      We are about 2/3 done with the back – still up is getting a truckload of dirt to fill everything in really well, building up a small wall in front of the fence in the very back to contain some of the new dirt and using the previous edging (keystone blocks) to create a small patio for the swing.  We will get all that done next weekend ;-)

      Before: Keystone bricks lining the yard:




      The hard work: Digging a trench around the entire yard. Got it 3/4 done on friday, had it finished by 9am on Saturday.






      After: Still some small finish work to do – need to cut the brick next to the stairs on the right.


      I am going to build a small wall from the house to the fence to hold the dirt from the old blocks that were used in this garden area – I don’t care about this wall though since you aren’t going to be able to see it


      For the area in front of the swing, I brought it down to one brick high and we are going to use the old keystone bricks to build a small patio underneath the swing area next weekend – should look really nice!!


      Back to two bricks high over here – I had a bit of an issue with one of the sprinkler heads in front of the small waterfall.  The sprinkler guys will be out this week to fix it.  We are going to use the old blocks to build up a small wall in front of the fence here too.


      And running along the other side – we have been talking about using part of our tax return to replace the fence around our yard too – a couple of the posts are leaning badly and the boards are rotting away.  That will really finish it off.


      A more sweeping view of that side.



      Nice photos. The yard looks immaculate. You’ve been busy.


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