This was about a week ago – Carter decided the best place to read his book was in the box that house all his books.  So he dumped out all the books and crawled inside.  It was too cute to miss, so I took a quick snapshot of him before he got restless and moved on.


      This week was pretty eventful for the whole family.  My trip to California was short and long all at the same time.  I was in meetings until basically 7:30pm, then dinner with the team, then slept at the hotel, then back to meetings until I had to leave for the airport again.  It was really nice to see the sunshine.

      While I was gone, Carter said his first full sentence.  Grandma will randomly call, “Grandpa, Where are you??” when they are in a store or if they come downstairs at the house.  I guess she put Carter in his highchair and said, “Grandpa!” and Carter answered with “Where are you?”  Pretty cool!  He also is now saying “A B C” so at least our crazy singing antics are starting to make a lasting impression.  The best thing while I was gone was Jeremy trying to get Carter to say Avocado while they were at the store.  It came out something like, “Avahrahrohroh”  Jeremy will post the video at some point and I will link to it.