If I ever wondered how much work twins were, I have no doubt now.  Oh, and add a four year old to the mix.  Oh, and another 1 year old.  Yah, that was what our weekend was all about!  And it was crazy.  And it was fun!

      We FINALLY were able to make it out to the cabin with the Petersons this past weekend.  They have twin boys, Dane & Nate, who are 6 weeks older than Carter.  Also a 4-year-old daughter Cora.  So four kids, four adults, and one dog … at least the adults weren’t outnumbered!

      All the kids did amazingly well.  They all slept great (with the exception of Carter waking up at 3am on Friday night), played really well together, and get this … NO major meltdowns.  And we even went out to dinner on Saturday night!!

      We headed over to the cabin on Friday morning.  Got there, got lunch, got situated, and then the guys went for a motorcycle ride while the kids went down for their afternoon naps.  Jeremy, Carter, and I stayed in the apartment above the garage and it worked great – Carter didn’t wake up the whole house with his 3am freak-out.

      Saturday Sheryl and I took a 10 mile run from the cabin then out along the North Shore road aside Lake Wenatchee.  The scenery was gorgeous and we both daydreamed a life with a gigantic home on the water.  *Sigh*  The guys did another trail ride while the kids took their afternoon naps and then we headed into town for the evening.  We dined at Gustav’s Brewery where we enjoyed Whistling Pig beers and burgers and shopped in the town a little bit.

      It was so much fun to see Carter with kids near his age.  We had the normal, “You are playing with that toy?  It MUST be good, so I am taking it” type of play that we quickly corrected Carter on.  All three were climbers – it was amazing what they would use to get from one place to the next … I never knew that you could use a small side table to hoist yourself up on a coffee table!

      Sunday came all too quickly.  We get the kids down for their morning naps and then Sheryl and I finally got to take the bikes out.  We headed back along the North Shore road, then buzzed over to the White River Road that meandered through the forest and along the river.  Then headed to Lake Wenatchee State Park so I could show Sheryl the beach area that we tend to spend time during the summer.  By the time we got back, it was time to get the place cleaned and head out.

      I can’t believe how fast the weekend flew – we had such a wonderful time!


      Sounds amazing – 4 kids, two runs, and a bike ride. I don’t know how you do it.

      What a fun week-end. Grandma and I missed Carter on Friday but we got to spend a day learning her new trail bike and relaxing on the boat at Anacortes.