Life has been so busy.  Work is crazy, I have been getting up at 5:15am, which means I end up in bed at 9pm every night and our weekends are packed.  There is never enough time!  With that, I have to apologize for my lack of Project 52 photos – sadly, that is the first thing that falls off when I have to prioritize my time.  I have been taking photos, I just haven’t had time to post, so my catch up for it is below, if you want photo details, check out the Project 52 site.

      So last weekend I made it on a 10 mile run in decent time (I believe it was 1:38).  My long runs are so different from last summer since I know I can do the distance and it isn’t “new” – plus it helps that I am in better shape too :)  This weekend I was supposed to do 11 miles, but I ended up needing to postpone that since I played in a mother-daughter soccer tournament.  We originally thought the games would be 25 minutes, 7v7, on small fields.  It ended up being 40 minutes, 7v7, on really large fields (in the rain no less).  Yeah – I couldn’t move on Sunday … I honestly don’t remember the last time I have sprinted that much.  And not to mention all the aches and pains from getting slammed around, but we came in second place!  Not bad when you consider half the team is in their 60s!

      Carter has been changing at an insane rate lately.  He is getting things now – as in starting to connect the dots and understanding things.  Last week, Grandma asked him if he was ready to take a bath and he just got up and walked to the bathroom.  A day or so later, I was picking him up and we were standing in the entryway.  I asked him if he was ready to go bye-bye and he waved, then turned around and walked to the front door. 

      When Janielle was watching Carter, she swears he would say “Kitty” when he would see her cats coming out of hiding.  Last week, Grandma was reading him a book and he kept saying kitty and pointing to the cats in it and he did it for us last night!  So I think we can officially say that “Kitty” is his first word!  Sad for us though, he only says it when he wants to and doesn’t do it when you try to prompt him – ha, I think this is likely an indicator of the next few years.

      And the last big milestone is his third tooth is starting to pop through and it is one of his big front teeth.  He has been weathering the teething much better this time around since he isn’t fighting a cold on top of it.

      Valentines Day was a lot of fun – we took Carter out to lunch and then ran a bunch of errands.  He loved sitting in the high chair and watching everyone who walked by, smiling at them.  He is really turning into a good eater now – he prefers big people food now over bottles and milk.  We just need to get him more teeth to help with the chewing!

      This week the weather is supposed to be sunny and in the 50s – spring-like and lovely.  I am ready for the change from the rain into the warm days of spring.  Grandma informed me that our petunia’s are starting to grow in the greenhouse too – only a few more months and I will have a green lawn as well as wonderful flowers!

      Week 4 – Ice Fishing on Fish Lake


      Carter Photo of the Week:


      Week 5 – Twins Birthday Party & Superbowl Sunday


      Carter Photo of the Week:


      Week 6 – Morning Light



      Love that left arched eye-brow