I didn’t think it would, but it really does. Now we can plan. Now I can adjust. Why do I need to adjust? Because I will be the only long-term estrogen source in our household (Sorry Lucy – you aren’t going to be around forever).

      We are having a boy!


      Carter is going to have a little brother to beat up on, although at the rate this little guy is growing, he may end up bigger than Carter!  And a best friend to play with, which is what I am most excited about.

      Now we move on to the great name debate. Good thing Jeremy and I seem to never agree on names – but he used his veto with Carter. MUHAHAHAHA. This is MY BABY TO NAME!!

      Halloween was a blast and Carter did wonderfully – I will do a post and photos tomorrow night. After getting stuck in traffic for an hour last night (when it is normally a 15 minute drive), I didn’t have time to get anything posted.



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