Jeremy finished up his trade show yesterday, so today we got to explore as a family. We started with a morning at Top Golf – because that seems to be our thing to do when we travel. I didn’t get any photos there because it more or less looks the same as the other ones we have been to.

      After golfing we headed to the Mirage because Carter really wanted to see the dolphins and the tigers.

      We had to change hotels for the night, so while Jeremy moved our bags from one to the other, the boys and I finally were able to make it to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was clear, but suuuuper cold and we timed it perfectly to see the fountains going at the Bellagio.

      We headed down to the Luxor for dinner and then to see the Blue Man Group. I don’t think I have ever heard the boys laugh so hard as they did throughout that show. They absolutely loved it! I grabbed a few pics with my phone.

      I am so glad we decided to do all the shows – the boys really had a blast throughout them!

      For our trip home we got upgraded to first class again and were able to get the boys two rows back from us. Travelling these days certainly has been fun when we are able to work out our seating arrangements – the one bonus of Jeremy travelling so much.