Heading into Spring in the Northwest is one of the most difficult times of the year. The rain, the clouds, the slight glimpse of sunshine to tease what you are missing out on if you lived anywhere else in the country … This year has been particularly bad. We haven’t had any good storms to speak of, it hasn’t necessarily rained a ton, but there has been unending cloud cover.

      I have come to realize unending cloud cover=grumpy, unmotivated me. While I try really hard to listen to the birds chirping and fighting over the bird feeder on our back tree (there are a lot more these days, so Spring is right around the corner right?), or to focus on my daffodils poking up and starting to bloom, I CANNOT GET AWAY FROM THE GRAY. And I am ready for leaves on the trees.

      I think I really should head to a sunny climate right about now, but those pesky husband and kids sure get in the way of a girls good time. *sigh* At least they have cuteness going for them.Yard-00712