I am on the ball this year, really. I mean, it is only December 18th and my kids are FINALLY writing their letters to Santa. Good thing I am good at explaining to them how things work. And that Santa already knows, this is basically just a formality. So without further ado … one kid will be getting what he asks for and clearly the other will not. Santa wrote back to us last year … I hope he does again this year and explains why getting the Lego Death Star or Millennium Falcon is a stretch. Unless the other Santa is a sucker and makes mama mad.

      I made Carter write his whole letter by himself again this year, only relying on grown ups for how to spell things. He improved a lot from last year, but his “s” still cracks me up. And this year he is sort of writing on one line instead of all over the place (I had to write in a translation with last years letter). Oh, and he told me his “A” in “have” has a moustache. Plus the random dashes he writes for a space crack me up!