This year I made Carter write his entire letter to Santa. For the most part I told him what letters to write in order to spell out what he needed to, but in some cases, he used just one letter for a word. I wrote in parenthesis around the letter/words to show what each word was and when he signed the letter, there wasn’t enough space, so he just randomly placed letters from his name, lol.


      I think the first letter is a capital “D” for dear and there are some random letters on there for things he was going to write, then forgot what they were. “May” is an upside down M, but hey, we don’t judge. For both “Please” and “Have” he chose the dominant letters when trying to sound them out.


      Star is along the top, “Wars” is the next two lines, “Legos” wraps along the bottom and up the right side, “Ships” is along the left side and “Carter” is sprinkled throughout.


      I am most impressed with his envelope – you can actually read it! All of this is fantastic considering he is only three and a half, we will work on getting the “N”s turned around, but right now, that is the whole charm of it!

      GavinSantaLetter-00647I wrote Gavin’s letter, Carter told me what to ask for. Gavin didn’t really care, he was too into watching Color Crew at that point.