Welcome to our new family blog!  Since Chip, Sandy, & the kids are in India and we have friends and family that like to keep up with all the fun things we are doing, it was time to start a family blog.  Now Jeremy and I have one place to recount all that we are doing in our lives so that distance doesn’t create a barrier to keeping in touch.

      The other big reason to create this blog is because Jeremy and I are now embarking on a new adventure in our lives – we found out on July 8th that I was 4 weeks pregnant!  Three pregnancy tests later (that second pink line is faint(1) – we had to get the digital ones(2) & then they are most accurate in the morning!(3)), I finally sat in complete astonishment that we were going to have a baby.  It was about a week before we told anyone (thanks for being out of town mom & dad!) and over the last week we have told all of our family and close friends in fun ways.

      The experience is still a bit surreal for me, as I haven’t really had any symptoms so far and this wasn’t something that we had planned.  We weren’t trying for kids yet (that was still a few months out), but we weren’t not trying either!  For the symptoms, early on I had a little bit of dizziness, like when you stand up too quickly.  I think my sense of smell has heightened a little and lately I have been sleeping a bit more.  I am not sure if it is that I am more tired than normal, or if I am just indulging myself when I am sleepy :)  But so far, no morning sickness or anything else.  Crossing my fingers that that holds true for the remainder of the pregnancy!  Our first doctor’s appointment is on August 7th and take a look at the stage the baby is at for Week 5 (we are just finishing up that week of development).  The adjustment to 1 cup of coffee a day was easier than I thought and haven’t missed the wine & Mikes at all, so that is good.  But it is still early on ;-)

      Check back often to see our updates!  I will keep this open to the public so that you can RSS feed it and see when there are updates easily – and both Jeremy and I will post all the great stuff we are doing, so be prepared for a lot of motorcycle info & updates on the little guy as the pregnancy progresses.  Please leave us comments, we always like to hear from everyone!



      I love it…good stuff Lisa!  So apparently the broadband connection is a multiple step process…and I’m not talking about the two-month process that’s taken place before we even arrived.   The “line guy” who was sick yesterday came and connected the “line” today.  But the technician didn’t have a “wire” to make the connection to the house.  Apparently the “wire” has to come up from Dehradun, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow.  The amazing thing about today’s events was that I not only heard rumors of some action taking place, I actually saw two guys walking up the trail with some kind of “line” in a plastic bag on my way home from working at a local internet café.  From “line” to “wire”, we’ll see if the next guy tells me he forgot to bring the tin can to attach to the end of the wire…

      Yay!  I am adding the feed to my HP!  And btw I told Carrie :-)