Yeah. Anyone who has had kids knows how this is going to go.

      One day we had a wonderful, joyous, fun, adorable little boy. The next day we had the devil.

      I am trying to find humor in his latest bout with independence. But well, I have been sick, he has been whiney, and it has been like clash of the titans … with a twist.

      Gavin takes forever to go to sleep now. What was once an easy and painless task has now evolved into an almost two hour ordeal. At first it wasn’t bad because he would more or less stay in his room. Now he has taken to ripping off his PJs. And diaper. And he isn’t potty trained at all. What this means is that you have to watch him like a hawk. Or he will pee all over his bed. Like he did last night.

      I try so hard not to loose it with my children, but last night was the kicker. Both of them were in rare form, Jeremy was out with the guys, so I had them all day and all night with no break. And to top it off, I was battling a cold that is leaving me exhausted and without patience. At almost ten I finally sent Jeremy a text telling him that he needed to check to make sure that Gavin still had a diaper on when he got home, I was done. I needed sleep and I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I left Gavin’s door open and my door open so I would hear and see him if he came out of his room, but I couldn’t referee the battle with his diaper any more.

      As I was wondering (in my frustrated state) why it was worth it to have kids, I remembered earlier in the evening. I was in the bonus room and saw that something was all over the tv. Absolutely livid, I asked, “What in the WORLD happened to the tv?” Without missing a beat, Gavin deadpanned me and says, “Uncle Todd did it!”

      And that’s why I had kids!