As Jeremy and I finished dinner, we put Carter on his Baby Einstein mat on the edge of the kitchen in the family room on his tummy to play.  He was giggling and talking and having fun, and then proceeded to start scooting backwards.  He went a couple of feet where he was in the kitchen, and then kept going!  We promptly grabbed the video camera as he navigated his way through the kitchen into the entry way.  Once he got onto the hardwoods, he was able to go much quicker.  We paced off about 12 feet that he traveled, scooting backwards.  I think I am now scared.

      carter_scooting1  carter_scooting2 carter_scooting3

      He had a check up at the doctors on Tuesday for his eczema and he has shot up 3/4 an inch, now measuring 26.25 inches.  He has also put on about a pound and a half and weighs 14lbs, 10oz!  All in three weeks!!!


      I’m sure they go by a different name now days, but play pens were wonderful to allow independence to develop muscle strength from sitting crawling, standing and manipulating toys in safety while saving those scoot around times for when mom or dad can supervise more closely. He is adorable.