Day 64 | March 5, 2018

      He likes to save up his word work for Mondays.

      Day 65 | March 6, 2018

      Art night at school where we got to view all the kids masterpieces. Gavs created this monster by gluing different shapes together and then drawing a bit.

      Day 66 | March 7, 2018

      Spring project #3 … take 1. We wanted to build a small patio off our deck to put the BBQ. This was a little bigger than the original scope we were thinking.

      Day 67 | March 8, 2018

      A big day around here! This morning Gavin could push his tooth straight out. At dinner time, he was flipping it so it rotated backwards. By his fourth bite of dinner it was a goner. I am so excited to see him with two front teeth again, but in the meantime I am loving that crazy gap! (He lost his other front tooth in a playground accident where it was knocked out when he was almost five)

      Day 68 | March 9, 2018

      Carter’s class went to see the Jungle Book put on by the Bellevue Ballet. The cast ranged in age from five to twenty five and the costumes were so incredible. Carter loved the performance so I am thinking we may try the Nutcracker this holiday season.

      Day 69 | March 10, 2018

      Scope creep #1 … why is there a concrete pad by our deck? We emailed the previous owners of the house and they said there used to be a hot tub heater on it. So Jeremy rented a jack hammer and got rid of it and the patio grew in size so that it connected to the other grass area.

      Day 70 | March 11, 2018

      Scope creep #2-3 where we dug out the patio to the lawn, then added more to it. This is the final version, thank goodness!



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