Day 71 | March 12, 2018

      Wave one of illness strikes our house. Carter needed a bowl near him … just in case.

      Day 72 | March 13, 2018

      I let the dog out this morning and was greeted by this gorgeous sunrise.

      Day 73 | March 14, 2018

      Birthday hugs for dad are the best. Happy Birthday Jeremy!

      Day 74 | March 15, 2018

      The next phase of the patio project: almost 3 yards of wet, heavy gravel getting tamped and leveled.

      Day 75 | March 16, 2018

      Spring is coming, highlights were necessary (and um, holding that ginormous camera with one hand=not easy).

      Day 76 | March 17, 2018

      First fire in the fire pit this year … and you know, just a couple of dudes … hanging out.

      Day 77 | March 18, 2018

      Happy birthday to this gorgeous girl!



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