Day 92 | April 2, 2018

      More reading to Mazy … she is a fan of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

      Day 93 | April 3, 2018

      Finally done! Finished leveling the wobbly stones then added all the fill dirt around them. I still need to plant some grass/moss, but have to wait until these crazy rains are done so things don’t get washed away. Overall I am super happy with it!

      Day 94 | April 4, 2018

      The great bonus room clean out begins. This will take us weeks to go through all the boys stuff to select what to keep and what to donate. It will be an emotional time around these parts…

      Day 95 | April 5, 2018

      On the ride home from school today Carter wanted to look up harder math problems to solve. I reminded him of the challenge math books that I have him do in the summer time to earn video games, so he came home and pulled out the one from last summer and announced it was way too easy. I gave him the next level of that book and he got really excited and tells me, “Mom! I need to start prepping for middle school now. Can we order a Calculus one too?” Building blocks, buddy … let’s not get too ahead of yourself … this mama is already freaked out.

      Day 96 | April 6, 2018

      A unexpectedly gorgeous sunny day so Gavs and I decided to shoot some hoops. His form is looking awesome!

      Day 97 | April 7, 2018

      Just another Saturday night around here …

      Day 98 | April 8, 2018

      We figured out the best way to be able to do a wine tasting while we did a member pick up!