Day 106 | April 16, 2018

      We finally got the patio set up complete. Looks great all finished and pulled together!

      Day 107 | April 17, 2018

      Bus stop shenanigans on another school morning…

      Day 108 | April 18, 2018

      We usually don’t see these two until summer. I am so thankful we got a mid-year visit this year because all of them have GROWN LIKE WEEDS.

      Day 109 | April 19, 2018

      Our sweet neighbors … “Um, I keep seeing the hedges shake and then this head will pop up at the top. Is it okay if they boys are up there?” Me … “It’s survival of the fittest around these parts. They will learn pretty quick not to climb up there if they end up falling with all those scratchy branches breaking their path to the ground.” Living with boys at it’s finest right here!

      Day 110 | April 20, 2018

      Another awesome game of catch with the football before dinner tonight.

      Day 111 | April 21, 2018

      The boys got a new platform swing for their birthdays and the weather finally turned sunny enough to put it up.

      Day 112 | April 22, 2108

      Celebrating my mom’s birthday on my brothers actual birthday (so many April birthdays!).