Day 134 | May 14, 2018

      Got the vegetable and herb beds all cleaned out and ready for planting.

      Day 135 | May 15, 2018

      The only photos today were the ones the boys took with my phone of the kittens. So don’t mind the blurry, grainy components of this one.

      Day 136 | May 16, 2018

      Finally making friends (and Mazy did that all on her own).

      Day 137 | May 17, 2018

      Gavin preparing for his recital next month.

      Day 138 | May 18, 2018

      The pumpkin patch got weeded out and the new flagstone path to the apple tree.

      Day 139 | May 19, 2018

      Miss Meow is curious about everything and loves to look out the window when she can.

      Day 140 | May 20, 2018

      Cutie Kitty is not nearly as welcoming of Mazy as Miss Meow. There tends to be a lot of growling, hissing, arched back and paw swatting any time the dog gets near her.