Day 155 | June 4, 2018

      –Missed Day– Working hard in the yard.

      Day 156 | June 5, 2018


      Day 157 | June 6, 2018

      We made it down to California to celebrate Ryan’s graduation and got to spend some time with family, catching up.

      Day 158 | June 7, 2018

      Ryan did it! Graduated in his white Valedictorian robe and everything. Couldn’t be prouder or more happy for him.

      Day 159 | June 8, 2018

      Did a 9 mile hike with my big brother and got some spectacular views.

      Day 160 | June 9, 2018

      Ryan and his girlfriend at his graduation party.

      Day 161 | June 10, 2018

      We decided to take a day trip down to SDSU where Ryan will be attending college this fall and stopped along the ocean for lunch. We got a rare family photo, except Carter’s flip flop broke and we had to quickly buy him a new pair.¬†Change is tough for him and the loss of the flip flop meant that we spent the next few hours with a very unhappy and disagreeable boy.