Day 183 | July 2, 2018

      Our evening walk through the yard, where the light is gorgeous and all the kids are playing. Can’t believe how everything is growing!

      Day 184 | July 3, 2018

      Getting haircuts with crazy faces.

      Day 185 | July 4, 2018

      We hosted a fun fourth of July party with friends from school – both past and present!

      Day 186 | July 5, 2018

      We headed down to the Kirkland waterfront for dinner tonight and I caught a rare moment between these two that makes my heart happy.

      Day 187 | July 6, 2018

      We headed to Obelisco to listen to some live music with a glass of wine tonight and the boys sat out front on the columns, trying to figure out what types of cars were passing by.

      Day 188 | July 7, 2018

      Had a super fun dinner with some friends from school and was so stoked to get this photo of Callie – who is absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her freckles.

      Day 189 | July 8, 2018

      Spending some quality time on the trampoline this summer.