Day 204 | July 23, 2018

      Decided to beat the heat at the library for a little while.

      Day 205 | July 24, 2018

      We went to the free swim at Cottage Lake Pool and then headed to the playground for a short while. We didn’t last long because these 90 degree days are too hot.

      Day 206 | July 25, 2018

      Today we headed to Juanita Beach for some fun in the sand and water.

      Day 207 | July 26, 2018

      Um, someone is trying to get into my water…

      Day 208 | July 27, 2018

      Working through his workbooks so he can have video game time tomorrow.

      Day 209 | July 28, 2018

      It was supposed to be in the nineties again today, so we decided to head to the ocean to cool off. It was a balmy 63 degrees there and misting. The boys didn’t last too long in the water because they were too cold.

      Day 210 | July 29, 2018

      We crashed Grandma and Grandpas for the afternoon and evening because they have air conditioning.