Day 267 | September 24, 2018

      We are getting hardwood floors put into our living room, dining room and up our front staircase. Here is one “before” photo to show you the living room. This was essentially a dumping ground for furniture we didn’t know what to do with from our old house (once we moved the bar out of there). The artwork went with our old color palate – really the only thing I wanted to keep was the piano!

      I will do a separate post with all of the before and afters.

      Day 268 | September 25, 2018

      Here is the ugly reality of a remodel. We had to move all the furniture out of the dining room and this is what happens when you have fifteen years of crap that you have been able to store in a somewhat out of sight, out of mind situation. It was an amazing forcing function for me to get rid of all the extra serving dishes, china and glassware that I never used – I either donated or gave away over half of it. Now in the meantime, I don’t have much of a kitchen. 

      Day 269 | September 26, 2018

      Our white oak flooring has arrived! We had to have it in our house to acclimate for a bunch of days prior to them being able to install. 

      Day 270 | September 27, 2018

      It’s a good day to be a cat when the hardest part is lounging in the sun.

      Day 271 | September 28, 2018

      The boys decided to do a friday night soccer academy this fall to get an extra practice in each week. Tonight is gorgeous with the colors and the warmth – summer is trying to hang on while the fall colors are glorious.

      Day 272 | September 29, 2018

      Met up with Denise and March and the boys for dinner at Tavern Hall to watch the Husky game and catch up. As we were leaving there was a DJ setting up and of course Gavin was completely mesmerized. 

      Day 273 | September 30, 2018

      <No Photo Today>