Day 281 | October 8, 2018

      First day of painting and we took the living room to Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams. It already looks SO MUCH BETTER!

      Day 282 | October 9, 2018

      Day two and I finished up the dining room wall paint. In here I used Gauntlet Gray by Sherwin Williams. Again, looks so much better than the dark brown that was previously in here.

      Day 283 | October 10, 2018

      Day 3 is all about getting the wainscoting updated to match the rest of the trim. Two years ago I took our family room white on white and used Benjamin Moore Simply White on the walls, trim and even white washed our fireplace brick. Now that we are moving the rest to the house to the white trim, I realize our wainscoting was a very different white. Here is a blurry example of the simply white versus the more creamy white that was on there before (since I am doing all the painting, blurry phone photos are all you get right now). It is crazy how much putting it to the simply white brightened the rooms even more. If you can’t tell … the previous color in the lower right of the photo to the trimmed area. In person you can tell even more.

      Day 284 | October 11, 2018

      With all the work going on downstairs, the zoo of our house has been relegated to our upstairs bonus room. These two finally crashed and it was too cute to not photograph.

      Day 285 | October 12, 2018

      The final “done” shot before we get our piano moved back in this afternoon. I am really loving the Mindful Gray color. It brightened the room in a very different way than what we had in here before. This is also a great view where you can see into our entry the wood stained door and light brown paint. These are all going to change too. 

      Day 286 | October 13, 2018

      We headed into Seattle for an overnight date night with Todd and Teresa and attended a Harry Potter pub crawl. While we were not the oldest attendees, we definitely were pushing the upper age limit, haha. We had such a fun time trying to find the best costumes people wore and hopping from pub to pub chatting with different people. Here is our first stop, where we got the obligatory photo with Teresa’s little lamb Lily.

      Day 287 | October 14, 2018

      We wandered the empty streets of Seattle this morning with a warm cup of coffee and I found this cute and funny window dressing.


      Love the colors!!!

      Thanks so much Lili! It has been a huge process, but I am so happy with it. Hope you are well! We miss you guys :-)