Day 295 | October 22, 2018

      Jeremy went out of town this morning, so I started the tedious process of painting the risers, spindles and molding around the stairs today. Even just one pass at everything and it makes a huge difference! So excited to see the finished project.

      Day 296 | October 23, 2018

      This fall has been so foggy. Here are a few photos from when I dropped the boys off at school this morning.

      Day 297 | October 24, 2018

      Here is a view into our dining room with the furniture back in (sorry for the crappy phone photo that is dark). We are going to replace the chandelier with something a little more modern and that matches our entry one more.

      Day 298 | October 25, 2018

      Three coats later … there was so much detail work on the spindles that each coat took a full day. But now we are done and I LOVE the staircase!!! I am still not so sure about the railing stain though. We used white oak for the floors and the railing is a different wood and the stain isn’t coating it the way that I anticipated. Going to live with it for a little bit to see if it grows on me.

      Day 299 | October 26, 2018

      Jeremy was due to come home late tonight and I decided to try to get the front door painted so that there was major progress while he was gone. Here is the final look – from wood stained trim and door, now we are white trim and then the front door is Tricorn Black. It makes such a dramatic difference in our entry!

      Day 300 | October 27, 2018

      I decided to quickly knock out the half wall that wraps over into the family room. I changed this one from the green color to the gauntlet gray that I used in the dining room and it looks SO MUCH BETTER! I will be putting all the doors and trim to white as well.

      Day 301 | October 28, 2018

      We decided to do some pumpkin carving after the Seahawks game today. Here is Carter’s one-eyed monster.