Day 309 | November 5, 2018

      Finally getting around to posting the boys school photos for this year. It is awesome that we spent thousands of dollars to get Carters teeth straightened and the first year he can show them off HE DOES NOT OPEN MOUTH SMILE. *sigh* Typical. But both pics sure are cute!

      Day 310 | November 6, 2018

      Behaviors have been less than stellar lately, so we had to reinstate our chore charts to earn video game time. By having them earn one minute for every “X” they get, I don’t yell nearly as much throughout the day. If they don’t remember to do something, it is now a gentle reminder of “If you don’t do this … you don’t earn time.” Works great for me because I hate video games and it’s not a big deal to me if they don’t play at all. Meanwhile, they want to accumulate as much time as possible, so they are MORE than happy to get things done. Win win.

      Day 311 | November 7, 2018

      Basketball is starting up for Gavin so we headed outside this afternoon to practice shooting some hoops. Carter has sure grown since last year and they boys are so much stronger getting the ball up and into the hoop.

      Day 312 | November 8, 2018

      Jeremy is still out of town, so I enjoyed a fire in the fireplace and a glass of wine by myself tonight. Fall is definitely here!

      Day 313 | November 9, 2018

      While I absolutely love how our house is turning out … every time I look in the front room all I can focus on is this weirdly pink tile around our fireplace. I have some interesting ideas for re-tiling it, but since I have been spending so much money lately on paint, floors, rugs, new furniture … I hesitate to have this done. But I have an idea I am going to try this week, so here is the “before” of this tile.

      Day 314 | November 10, 2018

      There are so many things I love about being a parent, but losing teeth grosses me out to no end. Had to take this photo to send to dad while he is travelling.

      Day 315 | November 11, 2018

      Both boys decided to do the extension season for soccer this fall. They train two days a week and then have games on Sundays. I cannot believe the improvement in both of the kids this year. Carter went from having to drag him to practices last year to wanting to play all the time this year. And Gavin’s ability to focus this year is exponentially better. He got to play with Carter’s group for the game today and was able to keep up with kids two years older than he is (plus an entire head taller). I am so proud of both of their skill growth!

      Gavin is in blue with the ball
      Carter is in the grey long sleeve with the ball