Day 323 | November 19, 2018

      <No photo today>

      Day 324 | November 20, 2018

      Carter decided he wanted to make dinner with his dad tonight. So I sat back and let them do all the work!

      Day 325 | November 21, 2018

      It’s so nice to have Jeremy home for a full week! Tonight we decided to do a family game of Farkle and had such a great time together.

      Day 326 | November 22, 2018

      Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We had a wonderful time over at my brothers and Carter decorated an amazing gingerbread house.

      Day 327 | November 23, 2018

      Annual black friday shopping tradition continues! We got up at the crack of dawn and started our Christmas cheer.

      Day 328 | November 24, 2018

      We got our new dining room light fixture today. It looks so much better – there is a soft glow in the room now and the remaining browns are gone.

      Day 329 | November 25, 2018

      Christmas tree decorating tonight! It’s so much fun to just sit back and relax while the boys run around and decorate the tree. They are now old enough to get up on a stool to hang decorations higher on the tree, so I think this is the first year where the top has stuff on it too, haha.