Day 330 | November 26, 2018

      We decided to do a movie night because Gavin swore he had never seen the Polar Express (He used to watch it when he was little all the time). Needless to say, he was into it this time around too.

      Day 331 | November 27, 2018

      We got a 1500 piece puzzle from my brother on Thanksgiving, so I set it up on the breakfast nook table and we all started to pick away at it.

      Day 332 | November 28, 2018

      I ordered new furniture! I am so excited that my living room is now pretty much complete. The only thing left in here from the beginning of the remodel is the piano. New rugs, coffee table and chairs. I still may do a lamp in here, but I am trying to be slow and thoughtful about everything I am purchasing right now.

      (Photo is from a few days ago, prior to getting the tree in here)

      Day 333 | November 29, 2018

      The fun photos you get when you have a child who has poor eye sight. Gavin is doubly screwed. Not only is he far-sighted, but he has an astigmatism that makes him near-sighted. Sorry kid, you can blame my genetics for this…

      Day 334 | November 30, 2018

      Sometimes you just need some kitten snuggles. I got them both on my lap, though this one posed nicely.

      Day 335 | December 1, 2018

      Gavin played the Grinch in his piano recital today. His piano teacher put the kids in order of song complexity and Gavin ended up playing about five people from the end of the show. I previously posted a photo where you could see him sitting between two teenagers, patiently waiting for his turn. He walked onto the stage, bowed nervously, but then owned that piece. He had four different people stop him once the performances were over to tell him that he completely stole the show. It was so unexpected to watch these older kids playing these intense pieces, then watch this little kid walk on stage, see him sit down with his feet dangling under the bench and play a piece that that is just as difficult as the older kids. I point all this out not because Gavin is very talented, but he because he works so hard at practicing the songs he is given. And that is what I am most proud of – the fact that he tackles something hard, puts a lot of effort into it and then is able to get on a stage and perform it in front of a lot of people. It was his courage today made my mama heart so full. And every time he gets on that stage, I have to fight back the tears of pride/nervousness/protectiveness/sheer awe. He is one amazing little guy that I am so thankful for.

      Day 336 | December 2, 2018

      We had a blast in the chilly cold at the Seahawks game today!