Day 337 | December 3, 2018

      When we got all of our new furniture, we rearranged our house a bit. We had pulled the two recliners that we had in our family room to put in the living room, then with new furniture we moved those recliners upstairs. That left just our sectional couch in the family room and the room seemed so much larger. It was almost too open, so I bought this console table that matched our coffee tables and end tables to put along the wall. It has ended up being a favorite place for this one to hide and today she was illuminated with the sunshine.

      Day 338 | December 4, 2018

      The nights are definitely getting colder so we keep making fires to warm up the family room and Mazy tends to snuggle up on her bed to snooze in front of it.

      Day 339 | December 5, 2018

      Carter had a project for his book club at school where he created an animation to advertise a travel company. He needed to update the audio overlay for the final cut and Jeremy was out of town, so Carter and I ventured into the scary-land we call dad’s office and Carter navigated around Premier Pro like an expert and got the file updated and saved. I am not quite sure when Carter got to be so old and mature and I really need him to stop, because it is going by way too fast.

      Day 340 | December 6, 2018

      Carter is giving he final presentation for his book club project.

      Day 341 | December 7, 2018

      Got an unexpected phone call today letting me know that Gavin’s new glasses came in. He looks quite handsome in them.

      Day 342 | December 8, 2018

      We had a marvelous time decorating cookies today. I taught Carter how to outline and then flood cookies with frosting. After frosting them, we passed them along to Gavin who did the final sprinkle-touches on each one.

      Day 343 | December 9, 2018

      Our last soccer games for the extension season left all of us dripping wet and frozen. The boys had a great time though and I am so glad we did it!