Day 358 | December 24, 2018

      Merry Christmas Eve! We hosted Jeremy’s side of the family today and had a great time catching up with everyone and enjoying all of Josephine’s cuteness. I forgot how fun and funny and cute two and a half year olds are! But the photo to end today is of Carter and Gavin in their matching PJs where they wrote letters to Santa, hoping his evening is going well and then playing the piano (or having the player piano play) and singing Christmas carols as loudly as we could.

      Day 359 | December 25, 2018

      Christmas Day was great – the boys had a blast, we enjoyed all the time with each other and family and there was joy in the air. Another wonderful one for the books (and yes, you could not walk through the living room)!

      Day 360 | December 26, 2018

      I am not sure whose idea it was to have painter come in the day after Christmas to remove all our doors and closet doors and get them painted white? Well, here is a before of the upstairs hallway with brown doors. And then I spent all day today painting the door jams and insides of the closets as the doors were being taken off.

      Day 361 | December 27, 2018

      Our annual Usual Suspects dinner at Daniels. Was so much fun catching up with everyone and having a scrumptious steak dinner. Jeremy wins for biggest piece of meat HAHAHA!

      Day 362 | December 28, 2018

      We had my Aunt and Uncle over for dinner tonight so that Jeremy could share the Life Video he made for my parents. As we were saying goodbye, I caught this rare moment where my mom went in to hug her brother and he exclaims, “I don’t think you have hugged me in like twenty years!” So I caught a rare second attempt where he looked like he cringed away, but tolerated her, haha. Total classic brother move!!

      Day 363 | December 29, 2018

      She thinks 2018 is going out with a roar … or maybe she is just tired, haha!

      Day 364 | December 30, 2018

      Was he reflecting on the last year? Actually he was pretending to punch the tickets like in Polar Express – took a lot of crazy to be able to do it.

      Day 365 | December 31, 2018

      My last photo in 2018 where I made these two pose because I don’t have very many pictures of them together and it was about to turn midnight. Best way to end a year and start a new one is with good friends and this was perfect.
      Plus I made it all the way to 365 :) Happy New Year to all!