Day 36 | February 5, 2018

      The miscellaneous crap you find between the doorway and your kid reading on the floor.

      Day 37 | February 6, 2018

      While you may look and say, “oh neat, a fire!” I look and think, “This is two years, twelve + different people with information, three different companies to work on it and thousands of dollars that we have spent. WE FINALLY HAVE A FIRE!” (clearly it is a long story)

      Day 38 | February 7, 2018

      “Mom, we don’t want you out there with us anymore. You just stay in the car.”
      And so it begins.

      Day 39 | February 8, 2018

      First Grade field trip to the theater to see Pinocchio means some seriousness (at least for a moment).

      Day 40 | February 9, 2018

      Art Docent project this month for the third graders had the kids working on a story scroll of last year.

      Day 41 | February 10, 2018

      Haircut! He always looks so much older after getting his hair cut.

      Day 42 | February 11, 2018

      Got an updated theme for my website and began the painful task of trying to figure out how to port everything over into new settings. Thankfully there is a test site that I can work on prior to publishing or things would look a bit wonky.



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