Monday – found out I had to go to Burbank Wednesday and Thursday for all day meetings.
      Monday Night – hmmm, I don’t feel so hot.  Maybe I should skip my soccer game.
      Later Monday night – Man, I am freezing.  My stomach is killing me.
      Early Tuesday morning – how come I am sweating so much?  Hmmm, I bet I had a fever.
      A little later Tuesday Morning – Oh crap, I hope I can make it to the bathroom.  I don’t remember the last time I threw up when it wasn’t alcohol induced.  Do I have food poisoning?
      Tuesday – Stayed home from work, slept most of it, felt like crap.  Am I going to make my Wednesday flight?
      Wednesday – 4:30am start time, make my flight, feeling a little better, but not a ton. Make it through all day meetings without incident.
      Thursday morning – 4am, oh man, my stomach is killing me again.  Not pretty.  This has to be a stomach virus.
      Thursday afternoon – get a text from Jeremy “Carter hurt his thumb.  Grandma is taking him to the doctor.” Ummmm, WHAT?!?!  Try to call my parents.  No answer.  PANIC setting in.  Did he break it?  Is it going to need to be amputated? What Happened??
      A little later on – Got hold of my parents.  Carter slammed his thumb with the toy box lid and it ended up getting cut pretty good.  Originally they couldn’t tell how deep the cut was and were worried about stitches.  Thankfully, it wasn’t that deep (once they could get a look at it) and they didn’t end up taking him to the doctor.  He is totally fine, thumb is pretty bruised with a nice cut.
      Thursday Night – Finally fly home, but don’t arrive until 10pm. Finally sorta feeling normal again.
      Friday – thank god it is soon the weekend.  Longest. Week. Ever.