After posting 365+ photos this year, it is always fun to go back and see what happened. I tried to cull down everything into a snapshot to share, so here goes:

      Starting the new year with braces, an amazing trip to Florida and birthdays galore that included a new swing.

      Spring means a lot of yard work … built a new patio, did the annual cleaning of the pond and everything else, replenished the woodchips and dirt and then we topped it off with Gavin’s Piano recital where he played the Pink Panther.

      Late Spring and into summer we got kittens, took a trip to California to see our nephew Ryan graduate high school, golfed for fathers day and celebrated the end of the school year. Not pictured is the new Tesla that Jeremy bought.

      Summers never disappoint around here! The boys golfed every week, we spent a lot of time in the water, the kittens were finally allowed to explore the yard and Carters braces came off.

      As we headed into the fall and back to school, the house projects started up with wood floors and new paint. The boys played soccer and I coached both teams and then there was that time Gavin rode a sheep at the state fair.

      Fall saw my oldest brothers 50th birthday, a trip to Nashville, Halloween and as we moved to winter we completed our living room with new furniture and Gavin played the Grinch at his winter piano recital.

      This winter included new glasses for Gavin and a bunch of fun Christmas activities before closing out the year.

      Our family was so fortunate to have such an amazing year. The growth in the boys – both physically and maturity – was so much fun to watch. I feel like we are at that golden age with them where they are independent, but still want to hang out with us. I am really looking forward to everything that 2019 has to offer!