Here is the first installment of photos that are off of our little Sony camera. Enjoy!

      Dinner our first night in Newport at the Wharf Pub:Lisa-00393

      Getting my camera all set up in our suite in Newport – we had a nice kitchen set up with a living room and fireplace. Definitely would stay there again!Lisa-00397

      A Newport Beach along one of our drives:


      The lighting on this one was perfect to get some sun flare along the reeds out by the ocean.


      Jeremy waiting for dinner at this little restaurant that pretty much ALL the locals told us to go to. We got a photo of the menu, but not the name! Was a FANTASTIC meal.


      Pumpkin Martini’s at Buskers Irish Pub  – they were um, strong. But good – I could only have one of those … any more and I would be seeing double.



      You got it back!?!! Also you’re so cute I can’t stand it xoxoxo