*Sigh* Yes, that is what I am feeling. I just purchased the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens and wow. Here are some shots of me just dinking around today, nothing too special. I have been shooting with wide angle lenses for two years now (other than to put on my telephoto for the peacock a bit ago) and it takes some getting used to! I am doing a lot of experimenting to see how close it too close and how far is too far – it is going to be fun to learn this one!

      So the shots – I took some of a mandevilla plant that is FINALLY blooming in my garden. The flowers are only maybe two inches across, but they are lovely. Then you have the token kids/husbands shots and then finally a medic figure that Gavin put on the climbing holds on the play set.



      Look at that beautiful bokeh!!!