Since I lost half the photos on my phone in January and February, I didn’t do a lumiagraphy post. But after downloading them, I realized it would be a waste to not post them – there just aren’t that many (this is also because of my 365 project where I am taking my big camera with me more). So to catch up, we have January, February, and March.

      Nana and Papa’s for New Years Day, actually put some effort into curly hair, Seahawks play offs, ferry to Bainbridge, swim lessons, and first movie ever with Frozen:


      Florida! Drinks on the beach, coffee at Tuckaway, an anniversary, a nap, looking for shells, cake pops & build-a-bear (omg, $60 for a stuffed bear!), alligator alley, kids taking my photo, Lego movie, girls night out, dentist appointment, and weather nice enough to break out my orange coat and shoes!


      Date night, an awesome planting shed, Gavin like taking my photo, hiding in the clothes racks, nice weather finally, before swim lessons, at the park, my arch nemesis, cake baking and birthdays!


      Double date night, sleepiness on our return, five old years, legos, hats, fires, and an amazing rainbow and double rainbow on my way to soccer!




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