Another month, another portrait.

      I finished up the class I was taking on mastering natural light in photography this month. One of our assignments was to use modified light – curtains, shades or light from a bulb. I woke early one morning and started thinking about what would be a good set up and realized I should document my mornings. Since the sun was set to rise within the next hour or so, I hustled out of bed, pulled together the set up and shot a series of photos to get this one.

      I spend each morning with a cup of coffee, a planner, journal and my laptop before anyone wakes up. It grounds me for the day and allows me time to myself to reflect, time to get a handle on what is going on and time to get some caffeine in me before the requests start in and the hectic of the day commences. And this shot is the real deal … me in all my PJs glory, haha.