I have had colors picked out for the master bedroom and the kids rooms for well over a year now, but just haven’t taken the time to actually do the painting. Until last weekend. I finally told Jeremy, “I need about a day and a half – we need to get this done.” And I did it.

      Here are the before and after photos – we had the white bedroom furniture in our old house and knew that we needed color on the walls in order to see it, it just took time I didn’t have. I am still not completely done with the room – I would like to add art work above the bed and on the wall by the chair, I need a new desk chair, we want to swap out the chair at the foot of the bed with a bench, and I we just took an old chair to put in the corner – I would like to get something there as well. So there are definitely finishing touches to do, but here is where we are at.

      New Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Sea Star
      New Ceiling Color: Benjamin Moore Vanilla Ice Cream

      <Don’t mind the kid with the iPad sprinkled in the photos … I do what I have to in order to get a few minutes!>




      Next Up: Carter’s Room. Mainly because he keeps asking me when we can do it. Hoping that we can tackle it in April, then Gavin’s room in May. If I continue to be ambitious that is…


      Nice job! It’s lovely! I’m impressed you did that in only a day and a half by yourself!