Wow. To say I am behind is an understatement. Once May hits for me, I am all about the yard and this year was beyond crazy with how much we did and how much time it took. I tried to keep up on my personal projects as much as I could and now I am playing catch up with it all. I haven’t posted a Lumiagraphy since April (these are the photos I take with my phone). I put a handful of them on Facebook or used in my 365 Project, but most have never made it out there. There are also a ton I took over the summer with my big camera that need to be processed and published. With kids in school now and the rains returning to the Northwest, I am hoping to get all caught up with everything by the new year. So heads up I suppose – you will hopefully be seeing a lot more posting on a much more regular basis. Or at least I hope!

      Now onto the months of May and June! Let’s see if I can remember what happened…

      Cooking, planting, & annual girls trip to Vancouer. Mothers Day Tea at Preschool, t-ball, a new way to ride in a cart, the great toothpaste incident, and birthday party face painting.


      Crazy long hair, scissors on the screen, interesting places to fall asleep, field trip at the beach, besties, more t-ball, and batman & Game of Thrones kept me company while Jeremy was out of town.


      First trip of the summer out in the boat – the moms jumped in! Reading & being silly at bedtime, ferry trips to bainbridge island, takin’ a break on the floor, lots of car rides, Chase graduates, found out our tile floor has “issues”, So.Much.Dirt, and the Flip Flops & Lemon Drops party to support a local elementary school.


      Listening to rules, last day of preschool, frog in the pond, roasting marshmallows, Carter labeled his lego box by himself, walking again, last day of t-ball, a whole lotta poo, mornings in the backyard, Fathers Day at El Gaucho, Skyhawks camp, The Fray with Jeana!

      June Lumiagraphy



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