I have not pushed soccer onto the boys at all. I have tried to take them to some of my games, but there is a huge bouncy house that gets their attention when they are there. They were sort-of interested in it when my mom and I coached Nikki’s team last fall, but that is about as far as it got. If they want to pass, I will play pass with them – I try to get them to not use their hands, but even that only works part of the time. I have told myself time and time again, if I push it, I will get Chess players. Not that there is anything wrong with Chess! I just know nothing about it. Give me a ball of any kind or a physical sport of any kind and if I haven’t already played it, I usually can pick it up. My luck, my kids will play chess. Something insanely cerebral – something I would have zero patience for, but would tolerate because my kids love it.

      But today something magical happened. I saw Gavin put his foot on top of the small ball and try to move it around. You have NO IDEA how happy this made me. I grabbed the camera and tried to get him to “re-create” what he had been doing and Carter had to be in the shot as well. So I asked them both to put their foot on top of the ball and hold it there and they both did it. At. The. Same. Time.