My child is obsessed. BEYOND obsessed. He wakes up and the first thing he says when you walk in the room is, “MO MO! SIT!” because he wants to go sit on Daddy’s motorcycle in the garage. When I pick Carter up in the evenings, a typical question for grandma is “How many trips to the garage did you make today?” so that he could sit on the motorcycles out there. He even knows how to start up Grandma’s bike.

      So Daddy took matters into his own hands this weekend and decided that Carter needed his own “Mo Mo” to sit on. We bought the 50 that both Ryan and Nikki learned how to ride on. Jeremy headed up to Mark and Kim’s early on Saturday morning to swap out the plastics from Nikki’s pink bike, back to a more manly (or boyish) red. Carter was in heaven sitting on it. Jeremy showed him how to kick start it and now he tries to each time he sits on it, or when he is running around, he will stop and lift his leg up and kick it down. It frightens me that his feet still can’t reach the pegs and HE HAS HIS OWN BIKE…


      Needless to say, we now have to make multiple trips to the garage each day.