This weekend was another for firsts with Carter!  Jeremy pulled out the highchair, put it together and set Carter in it to see if he could sit okay in there.  He loves it!  Now he is counter height in the kitchen so when I am doing dishes or making meals, he can hang out with me and play with his toys.  He still is pretty little in it, but hey – it still works!!

      lilC2            lilC

      The other milestone is that we moved our big travel system stroller (the one that fits with the car seat in it) over to live at Grandma’s house because Carter now fits in the BOB jogging/off-road stroller!  I went for my coffee walk Saturday morning with the mom’s in the neighborhood and at the last minute, Jeremy and I decided to see if he would fit.  He is still pretty little in it & we put the infant padding from the car seat in it so that he fits more securely.  Now I guess I don’t have an excuse to not go running…BOOO.  I am supposed to start training now for the half marathon – need to get three miles done at some point tomorrow.

      We bought him an inflatable pool for the backyard as well, since it is supposed to be in the upper 90s here this week.  Not only that, we got a portable window air conditioner.  I have to say I am VERY thankful that we did that – our house already is staying much cooler than it would with keeping the shades closed all day.  Plus we now have at least one room that we can move into if we are dying of heat in the rest of the house.