We have been having some wacky weather around the Northwest this week. I am pretty sure we made the National News for a snowstorm of epic proportions … that never hit Seattle (Sucks to by you. Oregon!). We have had quite a bit of snow and then the freezing rain hit last night and early this morning. Our power went out briefly and I realized that the heater in the greenhouse doesn’t turn back on, I have to go out there to manually reset it. I had to trudge through a layer of ice on top of the snow to get out there – it is nasty stuff. We have been hanging out at around 26 degrees all day too.

      Things moved back over to snow a little later in the morning and it has been snowing all day. I am guessing we have had somewhere between 10-12 inches at this point, but it is hard to measure because the boys demolished the snow on the table and deck when they went out to play.

      Anyway, I headed upstairs to upload some photos on my computer when I took a look at the waterfall and pond in our backyard.


      Guess it is safe to say it is cold outside. That would be a nice layer of ice all over it. For comparison, here is the pond on a normal day – the craziest thing is how low that branch is up above – the snow and now ice is so heavy on all the trees, I honestly can’t believe we still have power:




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