Tuesday night, Jeremy and I met up with Ian, Todd, and Mary for a James Taylor concert at the Chateau St. Michelle Winery in Woodinville.  There was a huge stage set up at one end of an expanse of lawn and people brought their blankets and picnics to sit & have dinner while listening to the show.  Everyone was cracking open bottles of wine that they bought from the winery and I have to say, this was really the first time that I missed a glass of wine.  The concert was great – he had a full band and did a bunch of cover songs from his new album and then of course his oldies that we all know.

      Wednesday night we met up with Denise, March, and Domenic for dinner and So You Think You Can Dance (yes, my summer life DOES revolve around that tv show).  In true Federico fashion, March went to the butcher and bought practically a quarter of a cow for our steaks (reminds me of the Salmon incident for Dom’s baptism party … was it 40lbs of Salmon for 40 people??).  The steaks were absolutely wonderful & cooked to perfection.  Jeremy was the only one that finished his – the rest of us gave up after trying to get half way through.  Domenic is getting so big and has such a fun & animated personality.  My favorite thing is the "stink eye" where he squints one eye and just starts grinning – he looks like a little pirate!  We are down to the final 8 dancers on SYTYCD – routines were really good, but there wasn’t the one that just blew you away.  Will be interesting to see who gets voted off tonight!  We also got our first gift of baby clothes from Denise, March, and Dom – super cute little onesie’s and two adorable little hats!  The clothes are soooo little & SO ADORABLE.  I am going to have to show restraint with my shopping habits.

      On the baby front – we are now in week 6 and the baby is the size of a lentil.  I still haven’t really had any major symptoms yet – no morning sickness, etc.  I would say that I am probably starting more of the emotional swings (you should ask Jeremy what he thinks on that one and he will likely give a more accurate assessment!! haha :)  So far, so good!  I did have one moment of insanity earlier this week when I read in "What To Expect When You Are Expecting" where it said you could have false positives on your pregnancy tests.  Of course that prompted me to take yet another one – that second pink line was BRIGHT pink, so there is no doubt this time.  I figure I still haven’t reached the Denise-Double-Digit number of tests yet, so I was okay with putting my mind at ease by taking #4. hehehe :-)

      This weekend will likely be mellow – we have Ryan’s Family birthday party on Sunday … can’t believe he is going to be 8!  Saturday the guys are going golfing, so I may hit the mall with my mom.  Other than that, just relaxing and probably reading!



      haha –  who just had a kid??? ;-)

      I count 5 pregnancy tests, including the one from the wedding night…which I think was pretty positive.