I did it.  I just submitted my first ever book for printing.  “The Halbert Family Album – 2009” will be in a leather bound cover with photos and a slimmed down version of the blog … forever immortalized.  I hope that spell check worked.  I probably should have asked if Angela would edit it (she is always the one who points stuff out that I don’t pay attention to … like you shouldn’t use periods in a bulleted sentence.  I, of course, was baffled by this, so I asked how you handle bullets with more than one sentence — you can’t just leave a sentence open and hanging there at the end.  She responded that bullets should only have one sentence.  I think at this point she was mentally calling me retarded.  I just silently gave her the smiley face that I always write in email to convey emotion :-)  And then ask about the book she needs to write for me so that I can teach my child proper grammar and writing skills because clearly I cannot do it!)

      It is really nerve-wracking to send something to print.  It isn’t like on the web, where you can go back and correct it later if you find a mistake.  Or you can rearrange things if they don’t look quite right.  There is a finality to print.  Once it is done, it is done.  Too bad for you if you screwed it up, it is printed.  And on your coffee table. FOREVER.

      But I am very excited to see the end result – I have spent the last few weeks on it, trying to slim down my “Wordy McWordiness” into a more digestible quantity and gave a highlight of a years worth of photos.  It was really fun to see how my photography improved once I re-focused on it and learned how to use all the fun stuff within Lightroom.   Fingers crossed that it looks okay!


      YAY! You better post pictures of it when you get it! :-)