Welcome 2015! So this year I have two personal projects:

      • A one-second-a-day video project that I will compile and post at the end of each month, mainly taken with my phone
      • One video a month that tries to push my artistic capabilities using my DSLR

      I knew I wanted to do the one-second-a-day – that is a fun way to just grab snippets of our day much like my 365 Project. I wasn’t so sure about the second one and wanted to do a test run before I committed to it – Jeremy does such a fantastic job with the GoPro, do we need more video? What I learned was that my optics are so very different than what you get with a GoPro that it was a completely different kind of video.

      So after spending hours trying to figure out Premiere Pro and asking Jeremy for help and advice, here is my end project. I still have a TON to learn – there are a bunch of things that I will change up moving forward, but I am still pretty pleased with my first attempt. I hope you enjoy!