I survived! My children survived! That was all that I was really going for this week, so SUCCESS!

      Since we potty trained Carter last weekend, I really had no idea what this week was going to be like. I knew I had to watch Carter like a hawk, I knew that he was trying to drop a nap, I knew that I needed to wing trying to create some sort of routine. Things actually fell into place nicely, however I am exhausted.

      My “typical” day (of the last five of them) began around 5:15am. Since I committed to doing P90X, I had to get up that early to get my workout in so I can shower and be ready to go by 7am.

      Now potty training comes into play. Carter has woken up wet 2/3 of the mornings sometime between 6-6:30. Where he was sleeping until almost 8 prior to this, now we have an early bird again. But there is a benefit to this. HE NAPS.

      Anyway, back to the routine. Once Cater wakes up, Gavin wakes up. Carter is like his Uncle Scott – neither of them have volume control. By 10am Gavin goes down for his first nap and he wakes up between 11-11:30. We all have lunch together and then Carter goes down for his nap around 12:15 and that usually lasts until about 2:30. Gavin goes down for his second nap typically RIGHT before Carter wakes up, leaving me no time without children. This is good and bad – I love the one on one time with them both, but I would also like some free time to do productive things. Like surf the web, read the trashy gossip sites, and email people. Anyway… Gavin wakes up around 3:30 and we all play.

      I start cooking dinner around five, Jeremy gets off of work, I end up pouring a glass of wine while I cook, everyone gets fed, jammies get put on, and the kids are both in bed between 8-8:15.

      So, I guess we will see how long this lasts. I am wise enough to know that once I get a routine, something happens that will break it (illness, teeth, growth spurt).

      And this week I particularly enjoyed coffee in the cup Santa left in my stocking. That Santa, he is one funny guy.




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