I took what will probably be my last business trip this last week, traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona for our Search Council where I presented all the new adCenter products that are planned from now until Spring to our largest agency partners.  We stayed at the Four Seasons, which was absolutely lovely – there was a fireplace in my room and a wonderful little patio that overlooked the desert.  The resort was sprawled over several acres of land and to get to the main area of the resort, I had to walk along a path that wound its way through all the cacti and wildlife.  My friend Tamara and I saw the cutest little bunny hop across our path on our way back to our rooms one night.  The weather was in the low 80s during the day and the 50s at night, such a nice change of pace from our flooding back home!  My presentation went well and it is likely that I will start having to present more at these types of events (I have been able to successfully avoid it so far!).

      Jeremy has spent the last two months or so fighting a cold and it finally hit him hard while I was out of town.  This weekend we have been completely lazy (with him trying to rest enough to get over it).  I started researching changing tables/dressers for the nursery and have come to the realization that anything that I really like is WAY TOO expensive.  I am back to square one trying to decide what furniture is necessary …  do we buy for longevity (ie, a dresser that can be used for years?) or for expense (ie, a simple changing table only because we may want to re-do the entire room once we have a second kid)?  Only thing that I know we will get outside of that dilemma is the rocker/glider … Jeremy gets to pick that one out because he has the bad back and is tall.  I can curl up anywhere. 

      The baby is getting bigger and bigger – it is essentially the length of a sheet of notebook paper at 11 inches and is weighing in at one pound!  We are starting Week 22 and all the changes are amazing … the baby’s eyes are formed, but the iris’s still lack pigment (come on BLUE!).  My baby bump is prominent now, though people who do not know me say that I don’t look pregnant.  Given that I now weigh more than I ever have in my entire life, I need to believe that I look pregnant!  I now feel the baby move every day and am completely captivated by it.  It’s hard to not get distracted :-)

      The holidays are quickly approaching and I am starting to feel the need to get more organized with all aspects of our lives … not only what we need to accomplish to make it through Thanksgiving and Christmas, but what the heck do we need for this kid?  Given that my brain is mush, I am going to start making lists to help with it.  I wonder if the whole nesting thing that women get when they are pregnant is more driven by the fact that you can’t think/retain information, so you then overcompensate by being neurotic about getting things set up and done early so that you have plenty of time to remember all the things you couldn’t think of?  Makes sense to me! ;-)



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