Things started catching up with me this last weekend. I have been tired from the early mornings (though it is SO MUCH BETTER than when Carter was a baby), stressed from trying to get everything unpacked and moved in, discombobulated from trying to learn a new house, and then it just seemed like things weren’t going my way in general (the waterfall pump died and that was my favorite part of the yard, then the washing machine issues, my car battery was dead one day (it’s fine, we inadvertently turned on an inside light), my phone shattered, the microwave was trying to light on fire (apparently the model we have is known for that), half our outdoor lighting has issues (lights burned out/corroded lights/funky timers that need to be replaced), and the sun and warm weather is completely absent in the Northwest and I am SO SICK OF THE RAIN.

      All of this would have been completely comical if I didn’t want to curl up in the fetal position and start rocking back and forth in hopes that it would all go away.

      But things are turning around. We got the new washing machine on Friday. I figured out how to fix our under the seat lighting on our deck on Saturday! Who knew I was an electrician?! Well, I was after I asked Jeremy a few key questions and had him muscle something together, but hey – I knew what to do! Now I just need new bulbs and to figure out the corroded light issue.

      Then two significant things happened today. First – Mark “knows a guy” who was able to hook both Kimmy and I up with new phones for free. Carter WILL NOT TOUCH the new one and it will get a case immediately and then I am going to wrap bubble wrap around it just for good measure. That right there made my morning. Not sure what model I am getting, but it will be a new Windows phone and that is good because I can’t remember how to use my iphone!

      Then Jeremy emailed a landscaping company to see if we could get them out to fix our pond earlier. I spoke with the owner this morning and he is coming out tomorrow to do an estimate and if it isn’t crazy expensive, they can come out this Friday to fix it!! I have a feeling it will be less expensive than the other place that wasn’t able to fit us in until June 30th … for some reason I get the impression they are pricey.

      And the last thing I am going to focus on is that we actually might hit 70 degrees this weekend if we are lucky. Yes, it is now June and we have only seen 70 degrees maybe one day since last year! Friday through Monday should have some sunshine in there and Grandma has kindly offered to come help me with kids on Friday so that I can start finally planting!


      Maybe the world doesn’t hate me after all.



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